Prof Ragel Voldemar

Author of the discovery: Ragel Voldemar Dominikovich (RU) Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical an Medical Engineering, St.Petersburg -199226, Russia

Date and place of birth: September 27, 1932, Daugavpilski Region, Latvia.

Nationality and Residence: the Russian Federation, St.Petersburg

An indication of science, which the discovery relates to: The discovery refers to Biology and Medicine, “Alternative Medicine” section.

Name of discovery: Voldemar Ragel Method – The Way of Human Electrotherapy

Discovery date: May 15, 1960

Description of the discovery:

The invention relates to the medicine and medical equipment for the effect of a constant electric current on the human body. The essence of the invention, the positive electrode is placed on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, needlelike negative electrode influence on skin projection of affected area of the patient by the voltage 2.5 v up to 36 v, the electric current  up to 600 mkA.

The purpose of the invention is to treat diseases not curable by modern methods. Modern medicine for the treatment of diseases widely uses stem cells by transplantation. The cells are taken from a patient, donor or they are grown artificially. The procedure is cumbersome and difficult. The problem is to find an absolutely healthy person which can be a donor of bone marrow is a complex task; the procedure is painful and is performed under general anesthesia. The stems extracted and processed in the laboratory, reintroduced in the diseased body are subject to the number of complications. Besides, the procedure is expensive and  not always reliable. Cases of not accepted transplanted stems may cause the death of the patient. With the introduction of stem cells in the diseased organism is followed by the fight of graft vs. host, old bone marrow resists, resistance suppressed chemistry, radiation therapy or anti-cancer drugs, chances for survival are about 42%. In addition, this procedure is expensive and many persons cannot afford it or not available due to lack of transplant material. Instead of the above procedures, the author has developed and offered a simple, affordable, accessible, not requiring large capital investments, secure method when the patient himself becomes his proper donor, heals himself using his own stem cells without transplantation. To provide the process of treatment own stem cells certain conditions should be provided: 1.Recover electric charge in the cell of the body.

  1. Creation of a liquid environment of the body with electrically rich electrolyte properties as in the car accumulator battery.
  2. Restitutes reduced function of the nervous, cardiovascular, blood, endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems. 4.To trigger the process of division of stem cells without transplantation and get possibly them to move to the affected organs and systems of the  body.

For treatment process and to move the own stem cells the following  special medical equipment is developed: