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Patentee: NEI HPE IUFS

Author: Slesarev Valeriy Ivanovitch  (RU)

Doctor of chemistry sciences, professor, Honoured worker of Higher school ,

Grand doctor of philosophy in the field of chemistry, biology and medicine,

full professor of Oxford Application №  … /  05. 035 The priority of invention – the 11th of January 2013 Registered at the International Institute of Intellectual Property (IIIP) with IUFS and the International Parliament of Safety and Peace Director of IIIP Secretary

The 22d of November 2014 The patent term expires the 31t of December 2034

Registration  № 007 050.

1. Introduction WATER is a great gift of nature, given to our Land, as a result, the BIOSPHERE has formed there. The life has originated from water and without water it is impossible. Leonardo da Vinci has clearly and figuratively noticed the link between water and life: “With water everything in the world is alive, life is an animate water”.The organism of plants and animals contains 45-99,9 % of water. So, in the jellyfish water is up to 99.9 %, in the three-day human embryo it contains 97 %, in the body of a newborn – 80 %, and in the adult person’s body the water share is from 70 to 47%, depending on his age.

Consequently, at the heart of many properties of living matter we find properties of water. WATER is the most common and fascinating substance that is still full of secrets and mysteries. Nowadays, in terms of science, we can give the following definition of it: WATER in the condensed states – open, non-equilibrium in thermodynamic, homogeneous, nonlinear, cooperative, self-oscillating, multiparameter SUPRAMOLECULAR AQUASYSTEM, intermolecular continuum, which is provided with a single, fractal, dynamic network of hydrogen bonds (H-network), capable of spontaneous local polymorphism even at minimum initiation. This definition corresponds to famous words of well-known I. Langmuir: “The ocean is a one giant molecule of water.” Any organ or living system and the organism as a whole regarding the presence of water and the size of its cells are microheterogeneous supramolecular  aqua systems, H-networks of which are connected with biopolymers and biosubstrate, in consequence of this fact, networks characterize local polymorphism.

Considering the size of living cells from 10 to 100 μm and the diameters of capillaries no more than 10 mcm, all of intracellular and capillary aquasystems of living is only “cross-border” (“adhesive”) water. “Volume” (“free”) water along with the “border” one is available in the intercellular and vascular aqua systems of the living. “Volume” and “cross-border” water share a common H-network, and between them there is no real surface of the partition. “Therefore, it is a single liquid phase, and the differences in its properties are determined by local polymorphism of H-network. Taking into account that in all aqua systems of the living bodies the motion mode of water through vessels, capillaries and cell membranes is pulsating and vortex, so all aqua systems of the living are aquaplane with strong reducing properties.. This is testified by the negative value of its reduction potential RP = -(50150) mV.

Permanent reducing properties of aquasystem of the living  are determined by the presence of radical (atomic) hydrogen in aqualitative state[·H0(H2O)n]. Other reducing agents with such reductive capacity don’t exist in living systems. 2. Priority information. The priority in the discovery of 11 September 2013 The materials on this invention were published in the article received the 11th of September 2013. 3. Issue of invention WATER and all LIVING bodies as open, thermodynamicly non-equilibrium, nonlinear, cooperative , self-oscillating supramolecular aqua systems are sources of aquascene, the nature of which is twofold: acoustic and electromagnetic. Acoustic radiation aquasystem [AR(H2O)] is determined by elastic vibrations of its aquafragment and water layers in the result of thermal and physical impact, especially in the vortex state. Acoustic radiation of aquasystem varies by intensity and is broadband – from Hz to Fresnel.

Electromagnetic radiation of aquasystems[EMR (H2O)] is caused by oscillation of dipoles-water molecules, its aquaions H+, OH – and aquaradicals ·H0, ·ОН0, and also joint H-network, providing vibrationally excited states of molecules H2O, its ions and radicals in normal conditions.

This radiation of aquasystems is discontinue (W < 10-10 W/cm2) pulsewise and discretely in multifrequency from 0.1 Hz to 1015 Hz The invention formula WATER and ALL the LIVING BODIES, acting at the same time as: sources of its own aquaradiation of acoustic and electromagnetic nature, receivers of different external radiations, causing corresponding local polymorphic transformations in its H-networks, and converters of both own AR (H2O)] [EMR (H2O)], and both external radiation in its aquaradiations , so they are natural universal RADIOSYSTEMS

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