Patent for “Prevention and explanation” of air disasters, which are normally put down to the human factor.

On the creation and application of a brand new conception.

“Prevention and explanation” of air disasters, which are normally put down to the human factor.

Theoretical and practical explanation

The true and basic reason for air disasters, which are normally put down to the human factor (a pilot’s mistake), is the real negative impact on the pilot by the spirituality of space anomaly, especially a pilot’s sensitivity to it.

This anomaly is called the increased Sun activity, which reveals at specific times on the Earth and in the air. Sun activity is a shimmering sun emission as the interaction between the material and spiritual. At the same time the spiritual of such energy comes about in 8 minutes, and the material in one day. In air sphere that surrounds the Earth any times becomes shorter.

The true negative impact of the increased sun activity on the human is estimated traditionally according to its materialistic factor, this means that the acceptance of the negative impact of the sun energy on the human is late for one day and practically is not taken into account.

The spiritual is the inner attitude, readiness, typical for all the real macro-and micro- phenomena, natural and created by humans, oriented on the material and practical expression.

The attitude has different directions for a human, both positive and negative.

Different facts reveal that the spiritualism of the increased sun activity has negative impact on the spiritual state of a pilot. First, a pilot feels euphoria (we can do that), that changes into the deep depression (we will die).

A pilot also feels a temporary loss of the space and time orientation, and misbalance between the intention and its fulfilment occurs (the bottom is pressed, and the control lever is moved in the wrong way). An observer gets the feeling that his pilot can’t manage the plane and hear the suggestions of manager. A pilot gets temporary “insanity”. Especially during the landing and take-off of the plane, the calculation goes with seconds and half seconds, it becomes baneful for a pilot. This has a real explanation.

Different pilots by their inner nature have different degree of the dependence from space, just like people have different immune systems to different diseases, and the main role in immune system as the interaction between the materialism and the spiritualism belongs to spiritual insensitivity of the human in relation to the different dangerous impacts on his organism.

The interaction of the listed below factors, both objective and subjective, natural and human  leads to the air disaster, where a spiritual beginning of the human factor reveals itself.

The main thing is that in air disaster a pilot is not to blame. This is highly important, both legally and ethically, to take into consideration pilot’s actions to judge it fairly. A pilot didn’t know neither the negative impact of sun activity, nor his own sensitivity to it.

It is necessary to help a pilot to prevent a potential air disaster:

  1. When the day of the increased sun activity according to its materialism is defined, so it is necessary to consider the day before in order to define the real time of the negative spiritual sun impact on a pilot. A pilot should at that time follow the rules of the plane control.

Weather anomaly like cyclone forces the space anomaly, first, it is the negative impact on the pilot that causes the inner hesitation, and, as a result, to the catastrophy.

It is desirable in the days of higher sun activity to cancel the flights. This can be justified in moral and financial sense. But if is not possible, then a record of the negative impact should be made, it should be predicted and prevented.

It is also necessary to work on the professional development of pilots with the help of different training simulators that exist even nowadays.

Firstly we need to set difficult tasks to the pilot and track the time of its fulfilment. Ten the same tasks should be set, but at the time of the higher sun activity and track the time of its fulfilment. If in the second case the time is be higher than in the second case, this means that the pilot has a higher space sensitivity, which is dangerous in the conditions of space and weather anomaly. If the difference is highly crucial, the pilot should give up his professional activity for some time. If it is not big, then with the help of some training this sensitivity could be diminished till the safe degree.

In this case some financial costs for this specific kind of pilot training are not required.

The practical application of this patent can be started as soon as possible, and this can be beneficial for the air disaster prevention, where human factor plays not the last role.


The authors:

Grand-doctor of philosophy, professor, academician, A. N. Iezyitov

Grand-doctor of philosophy, doctor of legal sciences Shanti P. Jayasekara

Saint Petersburg (Russia)

4 April 2016

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